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I create handmade paper flowers to match your interests.  Are you looking for something a little unique?  Do you have allergies and don’t want puffy eyes on your important day?  Do you know someone who is really into books or comics and you want to give them a gift that will last forever and will highlight their interests?  Paper flowers are a great way to create an arrangement that will last forever.  I work with individuals on planning their flower arrangements to match their needs from the hand colored flowers to the arrangement design. 

Wedding Party Flowers

Are you looking for something unique for your wedding flowers.  Have colors that are hard to get your flowers in, or just looking for an allergy free solution.  I would love to talk to you about your flower needs and create something just for you.

Floral Arrangements

With paper flowers, you no longer have to worry about your flowers wilting during those hot summer weddings, or trying to decide what flowers are available at what time of year and it what color.at color. Contact me and I would love to discuss your flower needs.

Custom Arrangements

Know someone nerdy?  I have the best gift for you. Hand them a beautifully hand crafted flower arrangment that is made out of comics books and colored paper.  Just let me know what comic you want and I can get started creating the perfect gift.

Giant Paper Flowers

Large paper flowers make great accents to drapes for special occasions or decorations for nurseries. Let me know how you want to use your flowers and I can make sure that you have the correct kind of fastener to make it work for you.  Flowers vary in sizes from 12″ to 24″ wide.  Let’s talk about your next party.