Are you interested in having a mixture of fresh and paper flowers at your wedding? That is exactly what I created for this couples big day.

I worked with a wonderful couple this last summer who fell in love and had a deep connection over a special book. I met them at the Skagit Wedding Tour and they wanted to know if they could have some flowers made out of this book that meant so much to them. That would be no problem, I love to create flowers out of books. Then next question they posed was a little different from the requests I have had in the past. It was if I would mix fresh flowers with the paper flowers. And here starts the first project where I combined both paper and fresh flowers.


“Paper flowers are a great way to showcase something important to you. Do you have love letters that you have passed over the years, or do you have a message that is digital that you would like to turn into flowers. I can transform those memories into flowers you can keep forever.”

The Process was a Little Different

Something I learned in working with the paper and fresh flowers for this couple is that my process had to change. With just paper flowers I can make them many months in advance and don’t need to worry about if they will wilt or need water. So when this couple came to me wanting a combination of fresh and paper, I had to take into consideration the other flowers and their needs. I could make the paper flowers in advance, but needed to wait until the day of to be able to have the full bouquets and arrangements done. The other thing that was difficult was knowing what flowers will be available and in what colors for their big day. I was lucky and they were not looking for any special flower, but we found a great combination of purple flowers to go with the antique paper flowers and the green paper mums. If you are looking for flowers that are a little off the traditional path and would like to be able to have something that you can keep forever. Contact The Paper’s Edge to setup a free consultation to discuss the options we have for you.