Big Lake Lodge for the Skagit County Wedding Tour in 2017 picked a BOHO theme. Paper flowers, moss, and lace were the main focus.

I loved working with the fresh moss in combination with the paper flowers. This was the first time that I created glass terrariums, filled with fresh moss and a paper rose. I loved the colors of the fresh green, light peach and a bright yellow. The invitations incorporated the dreamcatcher which is a gerat addition to any BOHO theme. Large paper flowers adorned the large hop arbor at Big Lakes Lodge.

“Large paper flowers can add a pop of color to your event. You can have one or two to stand out or a whole wall full as a beautiful backdrop to your sweetheart table.”

Large Paper Flowers and Your Event

I create my large paper flowers specially for you. Are you looking for a specific color, I hand dye my paper and have many colors to choose from. Would you prefer to incorporate a pattern, I can do that to. There are many flowers to choose from and can be made in sizes up to 24″ wide.
Contact me now to get additional information on how you can have these beautiful Paper flowers at your next special event.